Are you considering investing in a multi-unit residential property? If so, our mortgage specialists can help you secure the right financing with flexible options tailored to your needs. With competitive interest rates and a convenient process, we make the mortgage experience easy and stress-free.

What is a multi-family residential mortgage?

A multi-family residential unit can be a great investment. It has a high earning potential and can provide a steady flow of income through rental payments. This type of property comprises multiple housing units ranging from smaller apartments and condominiums to larger apartment complexes with numerous units. A property with five or more residential units will require commercial mortgage financing.

The lending process for these properties are more complicated than others, with requirements varying from one lender to another. Lenders consider the property's profitability after deducting operational and maintenance expenses. They also assess the property's location, occupation rate, and debt-to-income ratio. Whether you qualify for a traditional loan or require alternative financing options, working with an experienced mortgage professional will ensure you get the right financing programs and mortgage terms for your situation.

What is a multi-family residential mortgage

Benefits of investing in a multi-family residential property

  • High monthly revenue - Multi-family properties have a high demand and occupancy rate, leading to high monthly revenue for the investor.

  • Cost-efficient investment - The cost of constructing or purchasing a multi-family property on a per-unit basis is more affordable than other types of real estate properties, making it a cost-efficient investment option.

  • Easier management - It is easier to manage multiple units under one roof than multiple single-family homes scattered throughout the city.

  • Potential for appreciation - Multi-family properties have a higher potential for appreciation compared to other real estate properties. By maintaining the property and offering competitive rental prices, the property's value can increase over time.

  • Lower foreclosure rate - The foreclosure rate on multi-family properties is lower compared to single-family homes, leading to lower operating costs.

Multi-family residential

In addition to commercial mortgage financing, you can also consider remortgaging an existing property. This involves leveraging the equity of one property to finance another. Mass Mortgage Group specializes in commercial loans and has extensive experience with multi-family financing programs. We can help you understand your financing options and guide you through the entire process.

We understand that, as an investor, it can get overwhelming to shop around and compare the available programs and mortgage terms from multiple lenders. Working with us will ensure you get the right funding quickly to capitalize on the opportunity before it is lost. By evaluating your financial situation, the commercial property you are considering, as well as the available mortgage options, and mortgage needs, we advise you on the best way forward even before you move on with your purchase.

Whether you want to purchase a multi-family residential mortgage or refinance an existing property, our mortgage agents ensure you get the funding you need - when you need it the most. Get in touch with us to know more!